Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elizabeth Wein, CODE NAME VERITY

It won the Printz Award for YA fiction (like another favorite of mine, A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly), but this is a crossover novel, a good read for adults too, about two girls who take part in WWII: Maddie, Jewish granddaughter of an English bike-shop owner who knows how to fly a plane, and Julia, Scot aristocracy, who knows three languages and becomes a spy. In October of 1943, Maddie is flying Julia into France when the plane is hit, and Julia is taken by the Gestapo for interrogation. Wonderfully well done, beautifully written, first from Julia's perspective, then from Maddie's. My only gripe is that despite their class and ethnic differences, the two voices sound very similar--down to the ALL CAPS they use for emphasis. But the story is absolutely amazing, all the way to the last bit. Would definitely recommend.

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