Monday, August 8, 2011


The battle of the Pacific in WWII.
This is how I get my history lessons, having done a bad job with social studies in high school. But I have to say I've been disappointed in his last two books. The first ones Shaara wrote--particularly on the Civil War and WWI--were so tightly woven, and layered, with the story told from a variety of perspectives and every voice different. War is a horror, of course; but these earlier books were more about history and individual experiences and fears. These last have felt rushed and less carefully written, and capture much less of the personal experiences of the soldiers and airmen involved. I found myself missing them.

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  1. I have not read Shaara's earlier books, but I did enjoy 'The Final Storm' very much. I admit that I have not read much historical fiction, usually non-fiction.. so I'm sure that had an influence on my perspective. It is a very important story he tells where Americans made unbelievable sacrifices for our's and future generations. Thanks for sharing your views on what I consider to be an important book.